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Postgraduate research project


Fully funded (UK and international)
Type of degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Entry requirements
2:1 honours degree
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Faculty graduate school
Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
Closing date

About the project

铁是海洋初级生产所必需的,因为它在光合作用等关键代谢功能中需要酶, 呼吸和常量营养素的获取,如固氮[1].  海洋光合作用为海洋中的生命提供动力,是碳循环的基础,因此也是气候的基础. In many parts of the ocean, particularly the Southern Ocean, iron availably limits the growth of phytoplankton.  

As the Arctic Ocean warms and becomes ice free, primary productivity, which underpins the entire Arctic ecosystem, has already increased, 但未来的趋势尚不清楚,因为北极微量营养物质限制和北极氮收支不平衡的争论仍在继续. Nitrogen fixation, 因此,它对铁的需求量很大,可能是维持当代和未来海洋生产力的关键氮来源.  

beat365中文版的目标是进行船上生物测定,以调查铁在北极固氮中的作用,并了解铁是如何, 营养和光控制着铁含量有限的南大洋的光合作用. 在气候快速变化的时代,该项目将为铁在固氮和光合作用中的作用提供重要的新见解.

For full project details visit the Inspire project page.


  • Professor Maeve Lohan (University of Southampton)
  • Professor Tom Bibby (University of Southampton)
  • Doctor Amber Annett (University of Southampton)
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